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Representation 1045 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Wendy Callister

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Layer de la Haye, SS12: Layer de la Haye
Representation: Briefly,access is a major concern(see full representation on this) Infrastructure not in place to support 50 houses ie schools,GP surgery and transport. Original objection supported small local development like Millfields but for LOCAL people only this is needed to enable young people to stay in their village of birth. I feel fifty houses is too large for Layer to take given the lack of infrastructure,but would support small local development for between ten to fifteen houses.

Original submission

1. ACCESS The current plan shows access via a small private cul de sac Hawfinch Road. In my opinion this is totally unsuitable. All building lorries and construction material will pass yards from resident s homes,plus (if built) up to a hundred or more extra cars passing through. The other small roads around the area are already packed with cars,vans etc. from both existing residents and visitors. The Folley is a road with two way traffic,used extensively at the moment as an access road in and out of the village,and has large properties all set back from the road. The proposed access makes no sense.
2. The infrastructure is not in place to support fifty more houses.The School is I understand full. Where do children of primary school age attend school? Surely one of the main considerations by a family is that a child can go to the local school. Driving out of the village everyday is simply putting more strain on the road network and flies in the face of CBC Green Policy. The suggestion that fifty houses will only produce fifteen children is absurd. In my close four families have between them fifteen children.If as was suggested older people move into any bungalows built,then they are likely to already live in the village and will simply sell their current family home.
3. GP surgery full,patients already having to travel to Stanway.No more needs to be said on this matter.
4. BUS SERVICE.Lacks what other villages near Colchester have ie regular service. Not everyone drives.
5. SEWERAGE At the current time sewerage system around the roads near this proposed development are unsatisfactory.Many residents have to rod their drains on a frequent basis and Anglian Water are called out when this fails. Would be very interested in how any new build will link up
6.Although not I understand a reason to refuse any planning,mobile signal does not work in this area,broadband speeds very slow.
7. In my original objection to the proposal I said I would support small local development for local people only.This would be similar to MILLFIELDS in Layer approx twelve to fifteen houses. The constant mantra of we need more houses,meets with my question for whom? Layer people especially young people have a right to stay in their village but currently are forced out by high prices.
8. Finally having lived with a construction site at the back of my garden(when Le Bois) was built I know the misery the noise,dust and pollution causes. This lasts and will last for up to one and half years if proposal goes ahead. Teresa May our current PM is looking at giving financial compensation direct to residents affected by building works and not as at present to councils, either Parish or Local.I think this would be an excellent idea and cannot see why this cannot be adopted now. The Developer in question is already very wealthy,and could afford to compensate residents affected.

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