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Eight Ash Green Neighbourhood Plan

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Key milestones, next steps and monitoring


13.1 Full details are contained in the Project Plan available on the website but the key milestones have been:

  • Agreement by the Parish Council to develop a Neighbourhood Plan in February 2015
  • The formation of a Neighbourhood Plan Group in March 2015
  • Informing the village of the proposal to develop a Neighbourhood Plan in April 2015
  • Designation of the Neighbourhood Area by Colchester Borough Council in June 2015
  • Setting up the Neighbourhood Plan website in June 2015
  • Obtain the neighbourhood profile of the village from the Rural Community Council for Essex in July 2015
  • Meeting with relevant stakeholders 2015 – 2018
  • Distribution of questionnaire to villagers in March 2017
  • Undertaking the Regulation 14 consultation – February to March 2018


14.1 It is anticipated the Parish Council will monitor this Plan on a regular basis taking into account any new national guidance and developments undertaken or introduced by Colchester Borough Council. This will take place annually as part of the preparations for the Annual Public meeting of the Parish Council.

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